Let us introduce ourselves...

We are a startup which incorporated in Hong Kong in the year of 2018, aiming to serving Construction Company, Retail Industry, and NGO with 3D Digital Map, VR & AR Services, and UAS Education.

TF onboard
3D model

3D Digital Map

The overview of the city can be captured with 4K camera. Thousands of photos are combined and 3D Digital Map is generated. Those data can be stored and visualized in online and offline platform. 

VR Tour

VR & AR Services

Consumers can navigate and interact with virtual world in VR tour generated by 360 panoramas. One can also use the smartphone scanning function to interact with specific devices and enjoy the pop up model in real life.


UAS services

Facilitate the process of development of Advertisement and Movie Industry by using UAS to capture the city overview. Also providing training course and STEM program to those in needs.

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