Our Approach

Our Philosophy

We believed that VR, AR, and UAS can be widely applied in different industries in coming years. What we do is to spread out our imagination about those application to solve different problems and to fulfill multiple needs of industries. Our commercial VR and AR tour can increase the customers experience in Retail Industry. Also, our 3D Digital Map system (Town Formation Platform) can integrate different documents and provide real time communication in online and offline system. Those services cannot be found in market.

Meet the Team

Our team members have diverse backgrounds, all together, we serve the society with multiple solutions.

Desmond PIC

Desmond FUNG


A land survey practitioner who has rich experience of UAS operation, 3D Digital Map conduction, as well as VR and AR tour conduction.

John Pic



A social innovation practitioner who has rich experience of social innovation and commercial competition. 

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